MohRugs are made from pure mohair yarn and are handwoven in a small weaving mill in rural South Africa. Mohair comes from the angora goat and is one of the world's most exclusive natural fibers. Its unique properties make it ideal for rugs; it is extremely durable, soft and naturally resistant to soiling. It has a stunning silky sheen that adds a rich intensity and dimension to colour. The bespoke luxurious MohRugs come in many beautiful colours, ranging from earthy to vibrant tones.

Every step from spinning the yarn to trimming the finished rug is carefully carried out by hand.


The weaving mill has some of the most talented weavers in South Africa. Petra, who is responsible for final quality control, has been a weaver for over 30 years. The weaving mill employs women from the local community, giving them the opportunity to provide for themselves and their family, while preserving local craftsmanship.

I love the sheen and the strength of the mohair fiber. I have also worked with wool, but I like to work with mohair much better as wool does not have the sheen and it is much rougher on your hands.


 My job is very important to me. It is the income that allows me to look after my family and it has bettered my position as a woman in my family.