Empowerment of women is essential for the achievement of sustainable development in the developing countries. At MohRug we are happy to support the all women weaving mill in rural South Africa that makes our rugs.  The women earn a decent wage and work in a safe, happy and healthy environment. Weaving skills are passed down through generations and with our ongoing support, the younger women will have the opportunity to develop their skills and help empower their community.


We love visiting the weaving mill and go as often as we can. We promise, that your bespoke beautiful MohRug is made with a lot of patience, passion and love.

The Artisans

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 My job is very important to me. It is the income that allows me to look after my family and it has bettered my position as a woman in my family.

I like to be part of the entire process of creating a mohair rug. Every part of the process is important, as it is necessary for the next step to happen to end up with a high quality final rug.

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I love the sheen and the strength of the mohair fiber. I have also worked with wool, but I like to work with mohair much better as wool does not have the sheen and it is much rougher on your hands.

I enjoy my job very much, it means a lot to me. I have worked as a weaver for 18 years, but I am still learning new things and looking forward to learn to spin uncombed mohair next. Now I am teaching my daughter how to weave.

I weave both patterned and plain rugs but I like a challenge. The first time I saw the designs for a complicated designer rug, I thought I could not do it. But once I got it on the loom and started breaking it down, I succeeded. It was a great feeling, when I saw, that I could do it.

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I really enjoy doing the finishing and quality control of the rug. I like to see the finished product, after seeing all the work that has gone into it.

When I was young, my father was the only income source. When he died, when I was 18, my family was not able to get a sufficient income; so I dropped out of high school and looked for a job and was offered one at the weavery. I have been a weaver for 34 year. My job means everything to me. It is my income for my family, I fulfill all my responsibilities with my work at the weavery.