We use mohair, the fleece from mature Angora goats, to make our bespoke rugs. For ages rugs have been part of peoples' lives, providing comfort in both cold and warm weather.

Mohair is one of the world's most beautiful and exclusive natural fibres and also known as "The Diamond Fibre". Its many unique properties make it ideal for rugs.

  • Durability - Mohair can be twisted and streched without damage to the fibre. Because of its pliability, mohair is rated as one of the most durable animal fibres.

  • Lustre - Mohair's natural lustre gives it a stunning silky sheen. The natural sheen of the fibre is caused by light being reflected more directly by the larger outer scales of the fibre.

  • Dye responsiveness - Mohair responds extremely well to dyes, due to the lustre of the fibre, and retains even the most brilliant colours over time.

  • Resistant to soiling - Mohair is a naturally stain resistant fibre, due to its smooth scales, which makes it easy to maintain.

MohRugs are woven using 100 % mohair yarn.